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After working in two of the nation's largest law firms (Drinker Biddle and then Day Pitney), Jeffrey S. Mandel, Esq. now offers personal service as the managing partner of the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC. Feel free to visit our website at for more information on the law firm's wide range of trial and appellate services.

Though not a solicitation being sent to you, this web site may be considered an ADVERTISEMENT. Before making your choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. If you believe this web site is inaccurate or misleading, you may report same to the Committee on Attorney Advertising, Hughes Justice Complex, CN 970, Trenton, NJ 08625-0970​.

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Seek the best new jersey appeal lawyer? New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeff Mandel cannot call himself the best nj appeal lawyer. Want Jeff Mandel as your lawyer? Contact him, Do not however try to get him to say that he is the best New Jersey appeal lawyer, the best New Jersey appeal attorney, or the best appeal lawyer in New Jersey. Jeff Mandel (Jeffrey Mandell) is a New Jersey appeal lawyer who will fight for you. 


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why the need for a website that spells it mandell?

Jeff Mandel has lost track of how many times friends, clients, and potential clients have misspelled his last name. This website is therefore dedicated to those who persist on spelling it Jeff Mandell. If you conducted a google search for Jeff Mandell and came across this website, you are one of those people. It is okay and the website has now served its purpose. Going with your lead . . . Jeffrey S. Mandell is a New Jersey appeal lawyer who answers to Jeff Mandell, Jeffery Mandell, and Jeffrey Mandell as long as you know, sooner or later, that his real last name is Mandel.

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There are a couple of lawyers who share the name Jeff Mandel, but only one who wrote New Jersey Appellate Practice. If searching for a New Jersey appeal lawyer under the name Jeff Mandell, Jeffery Mandel, Jeffrey Mandell, or some other variation of the name, you found the correct person if you seek Jeffrey S. Mandel of the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC.

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Yes, really. The other people with the name Jeff Mandell are tired of receiving emails meant for New Jersey lawyer Jeffrey S. Mandel. If you seek the New Jersey lawyer Jeff Mandel, but found this website because you spelled it Jeff Mandell, Jeffrey Mandell, or you even spelled Jeffrey as Jeffery, no worries, you now found Jeffrey S. Mandel, Esq. Click here for his website.

Searching for the best new jersey appeal lawyer? Lawyers, like New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeff Mandel, cannot call themselves the best nj appeal lawyer. If you seek Jeff Mandel as your lawyer, contact him, but he will not and cannot label himself the best New Jersey appeal lawyer, the best New Jersey appeal attorney, or being the best appeal lawyer in New Jersey. If a lawyer purports to be the best New Jersey appeal lawyer or attorney, look for a different New Jersey appeal lawyer. With Jeff Mandel (Jeffrey Mandell), you will get a New Jersey appeal lawyer dedicated to your case who will fight on your behalf and who will try his best. Jeffrey Mandel is a lawyer who will fight for you. Seeking a New Jersey lawyer who will fight for you, consider Jeffrey Mandel.

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When it comes to a New Jersey appeal, the Appellate Division is most likely your last chance. Many boast being a New Jersey appeal lawyer, but few have Jeff Mandell's experience. Jeff Mandell is a New Jersey appeal lawyer. And yes, while spelled Jeff Mandell here, his proper last name is Mandel.

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